Friday, October 19, 2007

Rullion - leading UK recruitment firm

We recently had a problem with our broadband connection and I had to call up their customer service. It was no surprise when the other person at the end happened to be someone from India. So many companies here in the UK are now outsourcing their IT services overseas. Of course it seems to makes economic sense as companies find it much cheaper to outsource these services such as customer service, overseas. Talking to a few managers confirmed this. However, a lot of people seem to hate talking to a person sitting in front of a computer in Delhi in India. A major complaint was that they couldn't understand the thick Indian English accent. I feel this may be over exaggerated as I had no problems telling them what my problem was and they solved it in a few minutes.

I guess that there is indeed a small backlash with several British customers demanding that they prefer to speak with someone British and in the UK. And some companies are taking advantage of this highlighting that their IT services are not outsourced outside the country and that any customer calling up the customer service hotline will get to talk to someone British.

Anyway talking about recruitment, if you are either looking for a job or looking for staff do check out the Rullion website. The company is one of the country's leading recruitment agencies with nearly 30 years experience. And according to their website, they have an annual turnover around £200m.

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