Friday, September 14, 2007

Your own customized calenders with Vistaprint

Vistaprint is one of my favourite online companies for printing services. So far I have ordered business cards and a T-shirt from them. Considering the fact that I got them practically free (I only had to pay for the postage), I was really happy with their quality especially the business cards. They were even better then ones that my friend had made at a shop here in Coventry.

Besides the above two products that I have mentioned, they also make loads of other stuff including birthday cards, labels, envelopes, flyers and print calendars among other products.

Talking about calender, do take a look at their new 2008 calendar. They are available in two styles, namely, Wall Calendar and Photo Wall Calendar with dimensions 11" x 8.5". You can either use one of their preset templates or add your own great photos. Now that we are nearing the end of this year, fully customized 2008 calenders would make excellent gifts for your friends and if you are in business, for your customers as well. The prices start from $17.99 for one calendar using one of their custom templates, with a greyscale grid and standard calendar paper. Just add $4.99 for incorporating your own pictures or company logo. By adding an extra $9.99, you can get it printed on premium glossy card stock. Ordering in bulk would get you better deals.

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  1. Hi - thanks for a great tips! They seem to be a supplier within all areas of printing :)

    Some other recommdations within online printing is and

    Moo has a really cool feature - a link directly from that allows you to easily print with your photos.

    Optimalprint provide many print products at extremely low prices.