Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Online safe boxes

I had heard of safe boxes in houses, safe boxes in banks but it was the first time I heard about Online Safe Deposit Box. I am referring to the service provided by KeepYouSafe.Com. They offers digital safe deposit boxes where you can keep your most critical text-based records and files/documents (about 10 items and files) for Free. You also get free access to Secure File Send and Secure Email. All the data is secure and encrypted. However, better not forget your password as they do not keep a copy of it.

Read their press release for more information:


Westchester, NY – September 19, 2007

KeepYouSafe(SM) (, the leader in providing secure, easy to use, online vital record storage for consumers and businesses, today announced that it has surpassed the 10,000 Online Safe Deposit Box milestone and has recently doubled the capacity in its North American and European facilities to keep up with demand.

"We are thrilled to announce that we recently opened our 10,000th Online Safe Deposit Box. This milestone demonstrates that people really trust KeepYouSafe to protect their most important documents, legal records, and other vital information" said Eric Wolbrom, CEO of Information Survival, the company behind the Online Safe Deposit Box.

"Don't confuse KeepYouSafe with a backup service. Our service has been built to ensure maximum security and privacy at all times; in fact we have more security than most online banks. Think of KeepYouSafe as a Safe Deposit Box inside the vault at your bank where you might keep your birth certificate or insurance policy, as opposed to a traditional backup service which is more like the Self Storage place where you put a few boxes and your old coffee table", Wolbrom says.

The company believes that everyone should have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vital records are protected. KeepYouSafe offers a free Online Safe Deposit Box sized to store the most important information, and large-sized boxes are available for only $4 per month.

About provides Online Safe Deposit Boxes to consumers and businesses to securely store important records and other information and be able to access those stored records from anywhere, at any time, via the internet.

The personal information stored in an Online Safe Deposit Box is available to the box's owners only, unless individual box owners choose to grant access to family members and/or trusted friends. Each box's contents are protected by the same strong encryption and other security technologies used by the U.S. military to secure "top secret" rated data and communication.

The KeepYouSafe Online Safe Deposit Box service is provided by Information Survival, LLC. The service launched in January 2007 and was designed and developed by a team of certified security professionals with decades of deep experience in keeping critical data safe and secure.

Information Survival LLC is a privately held security company based in New York.

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