Monday, September 10, 2007

Install an Internet home surveillance service for FREE

"Hidden charges" - that was the first thing that came to mind when I first heard that Wireless Intellect Labs Pte Ltd. was offering an Internet surveillance service for free. I was incredulous because I had once helped a friend install a surveillance system for his office and even after comparing several service providers, it didn't come cheap.

Of course I was intrigued. Later learnt that the service called HomeCamera is in Beta and it's completely free during their beta period. I am really interested because we have already made up our mind to install a home camera and we are bidding for one on eBay right now. The reason might be different from that of other potential customers of HomeCamera. We are not installing it for security reasons but rather to keep an eye on our children. My kids usually play in the living room while our study upstairs. My wife was complaining that she couldn't concentrate on her research if I am not around the kids and she was in the study. She would have to come down every 5 minutes to check on the kids. I actually moved my computer downstairs into the dining room, Parents with active kids might understand what we are going through. I would jump whenever I heard one of them cry. Even when they were silent, I would wonder "why are they silent".

Our first solution was to have a two way baby monitor but it was not enough. That's when we decided to get a video monitoring system.

Anyway, coming back to the HomeCamera. I really like the fact that they allow you to access the camera via your mobile phone using WAP or wherever there is Internet access through a PC, laptop or PDA. Going through the site, I was amazed at the range of features supported. This includes motion detection, webcam sharing, time lapse recording and more. The whole system looks fairly easy to set up and you can set up to four cameras from your Windows PC. The system will work with your existing webcam, meaning that you won't have to go and buy an expensive one just for this system.

I just wish that there was a FAQ page. Another issue of concern will that be of privacy and having up a privacy policy up in place will go a long way in assuring potential customers.

As mentioned before, it's totally FREE during the beta period and unlike other similar offers, they promise that your service will NOT be terminated even if you do not subscribe to a paid account when they finally become commercial. Plus, all those who sign up during the beta trials will receive special offers on subscription and mobile access. I also appreciate that beta testers won't be asked for credit card details or any other hidden charges. In fact I am signing up now.

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