Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cheap branded gadgets

Found one of the best places to buy electronic gadgets at rock bottom prices here in the UK.

BestPricedBrands is a Direct Distributor of Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft Products and they supply electronics for business, government and educational institutions as well as consumers. Their physical location of their distribution center near FedEx's main hub, means that they are able to fulfill their customer's orders reapidly.

The first thing I noticed about their site was that it was very basic and very minimalistic. The products are listed under five different headings, namely
# Alli
# Camcorders
# Digital Cameras
# MP3 Players and
# Software

Clicking on a particular product give a detailed review along with related products and accessories. And the prices are really amazing. For example, the price for a Canon EOS 350D Digital SLR Camera (18-55mm Lens Kit) is £359/. That is approximately £90.99 lover than the listed price for this camera (£449.99). Go to the website to discover more great deals.

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