Friday, August 31, 2007

What's your favourite location based service application

Buying a Sat Nav system was one of the best purchase decisions we ever made. It was not cheap but it is worth every penny we paid for it. We are not scared of travelling anywhere in the UK anymore.

This is but one example of location based services. The technology has grown cheaper and there are so many applications for LBS and of course, so many different vendors.

TruePosition is the leader in location based services with over 15 years of real-world experience in this field. Their strength lies in the fact that they provide complete solutions to support the wireless location needs of the global marketplace. Thus, business owners don't have to look to different vendors for the various location services needs - from navigation to security. As their website mentions,
Today, only TruePosition can offer hybrid location systems that incorporate Cell ID, Enhanced Cell ID, Uplink Time Difference of Arrival, Angle of Arrival, and Assisted GPS to power the next generation of location-based services.

If you are interested in location services and the industry, do take a look at their resource center. It has the latest market intelligence, expert analysis and news related to location-based services. This includes white papers and articles as well.

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