Monday, August 06, 2007

Source for Backgammon news and info

What had Backgammon got to do with Boxing? They are totally different. The former is a board games where two players moves pieces according of the roll of dice, whereas the later is physcial game where two players slug it out in a ring., an onlinebackgammon operator , is sponsoring the yet undefeated heavyweight boxer Roman Greenberg 25-0 (17).

The 25 years old London based boxer was born in Russia and raised in Israel. He is going to face 35 year old veteran American Damon Reed 43-11 (30) at the South Town Exhibition Center in Sandy, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on August 18. This will be Greenberg's 26th professional fight. His last fight was in March when he beat Michal Simms in a match lasting 10 rounds in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Rumours also put Greenberg on a list of three possible opponents to face Vitali Klitschko in a come back fight in September. has been a major sponsor of Greenberg since early on in his career when he was relatively unknown. According to their spokesperson, they did so because they saw his potential as a World boxing champion.

Got this news from, the online source for news and information about backgammon. I didn't have any idea on how to play this game but fortunately the site has all the game rules . 

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