Friday, August 03, 2007

Playing with virtual dolls

The Cartoon Doll Emporium ( should appeal to young girls who like to play dress up games with dolls. The only thing is that the dolls here are virtual and kids play with them online. While kids play with stuffed animals on webkinz, this site has more than 800 virtual cartoon dolls to play with. These virtual dolls are sorted by categories, artists or popularity. One thing unique and interesting about these dolls is that all of them are hand drawn.

The website also has its own chat forum where kids can create their own Avatars and participate in make-belief games such as get employed and earn money, go shopping, do business (using virtual currency) and earn their reputation in social communities. The number of unique visitors that the site receives per month (4 million) is an indication of it's popularity. Though you can play without signing up, doing so will allow access to the full features.