Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Neopets the virtual pets

A lot of people would love to have pets of their own if not for the cost of keeping them. Well you can now have a virtual one at Neopets. You can create and rear up to a maximum of four virtual pets. You then have to buy them food, toys, etc using their virtual currency called Neopoints.

Like in real life, you have to earn these Neopoints by playing games, investing in the stock market, trading and winning contests. There are loads of features like NeoBoards (discussion boards), Neomail, and guilds and everything is totally free.

Lunched on November 15, 1999 by Adam Powell and Donna Williams, they now reportedly have over 144 million accounts . When I last checked there were 66,198 players online and a total of 215,099,130 Neopets.

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