Sunday, August 12, 2007

Largest source of free coupon codes

A lot of my friend shop online but most of them are unaware of a great way to save on their purchases. I am talking about free online coupons. Most major online stores and and shopping sites issue coupon codes which can give you a discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

Now a number of websites have come up, which list these online coupons. Most of them operate by getting a certain percentage from the store for every referral that goes through them. Out of all these websites, I found that Deal Locker has one of the largest number of coupon codes. Though fairly new, this site lists thousands on coupons on nearly every online retailer on the net.

On their site you can search for coupons either by 'Store' or by 'category'. I checked two of my favourite online shopping sites, namely, Amazon and found out that there were 54 coupons listed with various offers, when I last checked. Coupons are also not limited to online stores selling physical products. Another favourite site of mine is They are one of the leading domain name sites on the web and they had 59 coupons listed when i last checked.

If you are a Firefox browser user, you cab install the '1-Click Coupon bookmarklet' on your toolbar. It's an easy way of checking whether an online store has coupons listed. All you have to do is click the bookmarklet to find out.

I really like the fact that outdated coupon codes does not show up on the site - one of the major thing that turns me off other coupons sites. All coupons on Deal Locker are working coupons and best of all, they are user rated. If you do come across any free coupon codes, do go over to their site to share with other users.I order to do this, just go over to the add coupon page and then fill up the details including Website, Coupon code and Description.

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  1. I will have to go check out this site. Thanks for recommending it.