Friday, August 03, 2007

IDrive-E - up to 2GB online backups for free

As most of you know, to avoid possible headaches and heartaches of loosing important documents or files (especially if you are a PhD student who are about to submit your 20,000 word long PhD thesis), you must have some form of back up system. There are many options available to do that - on CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard disk or online with a backup service provider. The last option is the best one in my opinion because of two major factors: you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you don't have to go around carrying an external hard drive, which can be damaged or lost or stolen. secondly, it is more secure than the off-line back up system.

Out of all the Online Backup providers on the net, I personally fancy IDrive-E ( They offer 2Gigabytes storage space for online backups totally FREE OF CHARGE. You definitely must go and check this out!

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