Friday, August 17, 2007

Bank account information

Did the title catch your attention? No! I am not going to tell you my bank account information or any related banking details but point you to some great links related to bank accounts.

I am sure some of my close friends have heard about the ordeal that we had to go through to open Bank accounts after moving to the UK. After applying with several big banks without any success, I was finally able to open a current account with this bank just around the corner from my house. All they needed were my identification paper (my passport) and 2 recent consecutive utility bills for proof of address. Unlike some other banks, I didn't even need to put in a deposit. They also have internet banking facilities. I wholeheartedly recommend my bank -Lloyds TSB to everyone.

Right now I am saving up whatever I earn from blogging and other sources, and putting it into my account to pay for my PhD fees. However, I now realise that a current account is not exactly the right choice for this purpose. It looks like it might be wiser to open a Savings accounts. The present high interest rates would work in my favour as well.

If you are looking for some tips and information regarding bank accounts, go over to the Nations Finance website., one of the best independent financial comparison sites in the UK.They have a wealth of information on finance and banking related issues. For example check out the article on bad credit bank accounts. Should prove be useful for people with a bad credit history.

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