Thursday, August 30, 2007

Armand Rousso responds to Saul Hansell

Here's some business news for a change. Read Internet entrepreneur Armand Rousso response to NYT story by Saul Hansell. According to Mr. Rousso, the story which came out on August 22, 2007 had some glaring omissions and "irrelevant mistatements" regarding his past.

For those who are not aware, Rousso started one of the first e-commerce companies in the World (some consider it to be THE FIRST) called The International Stamp Exchange (1984-1989).

Anyway, in his reply, he sets the records straight. I totally agree when he says that
Having once had a criminal record, does not mean that you can’t become a productive member of the society.
I believe that everyone should be given a second chance. Mr. Rousso has shown that he is actively rehabilitating himself and his involvement in fund raising activities for various charities is an indication of this.

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