Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you ready for Business 3.0?

1% of businesses know how to know what they don't know
4% of businesses know what they don't know
95% of businesses don't know what they don't know
I read these thought provoking words on the website of Disrupted Horizon, the Business 3.0 Consultancy. The firm was launched this year by John Straw, who has over 30 years experience in the advertising and IT sector.

After spending a few minutes pondering the words above, I have to admit that it's really true. From experience, I realise that several companies especially small and medium companies, remain completely oblivious of developments threatening their business, especially technology. It is evolving so fast that well established technologies are being displaced by newer ones - the phenomena known as "Disruptive Technology". I guess the company's name is derived from it.

Disrupted Horizon asks whether your business is ready for the next industrial revolution, referred to as Business 3.0 - a revolution where only those firms with creative strategies in place to tackle technology will survive. To find out, go through their Business 3.0 Health Check list. 

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