Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amazing choice of work shoes

Even if you don't work in a place which requires you to wear work shoes, I would recommend you to have at least one pair at home. You never know when you have to do some heavy lifting. I realised this yesterday when picked up a table we had just bought. While carrying the table top to the room upstairs (which we are converting to an office), it slipped and dropped onto my feet. Fortunately I was wearing my shoes but it still hurt as it doesn't have a protective steel toe. I can imagine what would have happened if I was not wearing any shoes.

If you are looking for work boots and shoes, I recommend MetBoots is short for Metatarsal Boots - boots you wear where ever there's a risk of heavy objects being dropped on your feet. They specialise in all types of occupational and safety footwear and carry most of the top brands. Their prices are really competitive as well. Order now to take advantage of their free shipping for orders above $100.

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