Monday, July 16, 2007

Vista Transformation Pack 7.0

Are you one of those guys who love the look and feel of the new Windows Vista but still stuck with the old XP OS? Don't be shy, raise your hands because I am one of you too.

Though some of the more tech savvy "must have latest technology" guys might laugh but there are a lot of guys who didn't change to Vista for a number of reasons:
1) Financial reasons (a lot of people can't run the new OS on their old machines),
2) Not tech savvy,
3) Software incompatibility, and
4) Don't see not feel the need to upgrade.

Sorry, I got side tracked a bit. Well! The Vista Transformation Pack will give your Windows XP system the new and cool Windows Vista look. The present upgrade fixes several bug present in the previous release.

Note: I haven't tried it yet myself so don't blame me if anything goes wrong. As far as I know, a lot of people are happy with it.

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