Sunday, July 08, 2007

Teenage issues

A lot of people my age complain about today's teenagers a lot and I guess I am guilty of doing that as well. However, going through the Parenting teens website and going through the articles on teen issues including Teen Health; Teen Drug Abuse and Teen Intervention among others, made me stop and ponder.

Actually today's teenagers are not that bad. Many adults don't stop and think but they too were teenagers once and I am sure they went through some rough moments. I definitely gave my parents a scare a few times even though I was considered a "good boy"I recall the first time I returned to my house past midnight after going to a party and forgot to call my parents. They were dead worried and were waiting for me outside the house when I returned. My mum was furious even though my dad didn't say a thin. She told me that they were about to call the police. I made sure I informed them of my whereabout everytime I went out after that.

Surging hormones and peer pressure plus parents' expectations does take it's toll - a teenager's life is not easy. I am fortunate that my parents were very understanding and didn't give that "when were young we were not like that" line.

I have two kids slowly growing up and I am dreading the time when they become teenagers. There are so many issues that we may face while parenting a teenager. I guess one of the major problems that most parents dread is that of teenage drug use. When I was in school, I was exposed to it but thankfully never felt the need to take them. A few friends were not so lucky and some of them even dropped out of school because of that. Alcohol and cigarette use was also so common. I can see from the graph on the site that it hasn't changed much even though there are more newer drugs available now.

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