Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Special pillow to help improve your quality of sleep

It's really important to have a good night's sleep, after all we spend almost 1/3rd of our life on bed. Going through some websites, I learnt that a good night's sleep can help reduce stress and improve our concentration and energy. Of late I have developed a habit of sleeping quite late - past midnight everyday and I definitely need to change that.

I can sleep almost anywhere and even without a pillow but not my wife. We have tried several pillow - firm, soft in between but nothing works for her. The only pillow she was comfortable with is at home in Malaysia and she is seriously considering asking her mum to send it here.

I was looking at some similar contour pillow on the net and came to know about the mediflow pillow today. It's quite unique because it is the only pillow I know that has a patented base of water for support with a a soft, hypoallergenic fiber filling on top. Unlike other pillow with similar claims, this has been clinically shown to improve quality of sleep in a study done by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

The great feature of this pillow is that you can adjust the support level - soft, medium or firm, by controlling the amount of water inside.

The website also has a list of sleep tips from leading medical professionals. Found it quite interesting and realised that I may be doing a few tings wrong. Of course sleep tip #10 is "Use a Mediflow Waterbase® pillow".

The pillow is listed at both JCPenny and Target. Prices vary a bit but you have to take the shipping into consideration.

I was quite impressed by the positive testimonials of consumers as well as doctors regarding this pillow. The fact that more than 2 million pillows have been sold and it has been accepted by leading retailers across the United States since it's launch in 2006 is an indication of it's success.

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  1. Hi, I have been using this pillow for the past 3 months and I have not had any issues with it. What I love most about mediflow pillow is the firmness control with water. Since I started using this pillow, I have been sleeping well and waking up every morning feeling refreshed.