Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online computer suplies store with cheap prices

Right now I am caught in a dilemma - whether to buy a new PC or make one on my own. I am inclined towards the later as even though I have do computer upgrading all the time, I have never built a computer from scratch. It would be quite the experience and who know, might turn out to be an income earner too. There a big market for custom made pcs among the University students here.

I found the computer supplies on Census PC online store to be quite reasonably priced. They carry a nice selection of Barebone systems - just waiting to be upgraded. This is also a good place to look for cheap CPUs. Besides this, they also carry motherboards, monitors, media card readers, and other computer products and accessories including cables. Check out the items listed under 'clearance' and 'hot deals'.

They do ship internationally but only accept Wire Transfer (purchase above than $150) or PayPal.

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