Saturday, July 21, 2007

Online community to help solve your finance problems

Where or whom do you go to when you need some help on your personal finance issues? Most people are wary of going to finance companies because they are worried that they might not get truly impartial advice on the best options.

of course there are comparison sites as well but sometimes you want some real answers or advice to your questions regarding financial issues.

A good option may be to join a finance message board. The Finance Forums is a totally free and helpful resource on issues of personal finance. When I last checked there were 1,270 members and growing. This community helps provide help, advice and support regarding your financial problems. Some of the threads had titles like "I want out of my car loan please help..." and "how to convince hubby?" You can read the posts without signing in but you need to, in order to post your own queries or replies.

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