Thursday, July 12, 2007

How to become better marketers

The entry of advertising in various forms - link ads, contextual ads, paid posts, etc. has totally changed the blogging World as we used to know it. It is no longer a hobby journal or a personal online diary anymore (of course a lot of people use them for that purpose).

However, as many bloggers simply don't have any idea about marketing, the full potential of their blogs are not being realized. If you are serious about getting a regular income from your blogs like I do, you better get some SEO Training. For newbies, SEO stands for search engine optimization. This great new service called Marketing ICE (Interactive Creative Education), seeks to train bloggers and webmasters to better market their blogs/ sites thus getting more traffic. They were even featured on the PayPerPost blog.

Right now they are offering 12 highly informative videos for free. However, you have to opt in into their email list first. You don't have to worry as you can always opt out in the future. Once you have opted in, you will receive a password in your inbox, which you can then use to access the videos.

Watched a few videos but one I really liked was the one on "How To Use Key Word Research Tools". In this video, Mark Barrera shows how you can use the 4 top free key word tools step by step to quickly build a list of terms most relevant for your site to bring in more traffic.

This is just a taste of what they have as there are over 70 videos in the collection which is growing everyday. Thee topics covered range everything from blogging tools to SEO techniques and more. They also have access to their private forum linked with each video with experts ready to answer any question relating to the topic.

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