Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home theater

I once visited the house of a former boss and I was really impressed when I saw his private movie screening room. Yes! He had a real cinema hall complete with an amazing surround sound system in his house. My sister-in-law has also invested quite a bit on her own private home theater (of course on a slightly smaller scale) and believe me, you won't want to watch them movies on the TV anymore. It's a different experience. I look forward to the day I will too have my own home theater.

The most important part of any home theater is of course the audio-visual equipment. However, most people who have a home theater overlook one very important aspect - the furniture. If you can invest in several hundred dollars on the audio-visual equipment, it doesn't make sense if you put in some old sofa in the room to sit on. And don't think of putting in the uncomfortable seats so common in movie halls. You need some real special furniture if you are to watch movies in comfort and not just any furniture will do. It has to be specially made for the function, that is watching movies.

There are so many great designs listed on the Gallery Furniture site, the website of a Houston furniture company. The cinema furniture are made of 100% cowhide leather furniture that will last a lifetime and available in a number of colors and styles. My favorite has to be the one called 'Cosmopolitan'. Of course it depends on taste but for a home theater, black and brown furniture is boring - I will definitely go for the rich red color.

So would you like to have a home theater in your house and do you agree that we should go for furniture made for the purpose?

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