Monday, July 16, 2007

Free image hosts

Check the list below if you are looking for a place to host your images for free. I am listing only a few because these are the ones I have used myself.

1. Flickr. This is got to be my favourite free photo hosting site on the net. It is owned by Yahoo! You can download up to 100MB of photos each calendar month with a restriction of 5MB per photo. Your photostream (the visible photos) views is limited to the 200 most recent images.

2. ImageShack. Allows you to uploads as many pictures as you want. Can also direct link to the pictures as well the thumbnails (recommended) from your blog or website. Each image uploaded should be less than 1.5MB.

3. Photobucket. It is said to be the largest photo-sharing site in the world. You are allowed up to 1 GB multimedia hosting and up to 25 GB of monthly traffic. The size of uploaded Image files is limited to 1 MB or less.


  1. Hi Mada,

    I saw your blog and I like the variety of tech stuff and every day useful ideas... anyways, you talk about Free Image Hosts... well I have something slightly different to offer along the same lines..

    According to statistics that have been done, most people want to share content such as their family or other pictures but they don't want to share them with the whole world... along those lines, I recommend Quickeo... and up and coming software/service solution that solves some of the issues of the Free image hosts that you mentioned and is available in a Free itself.

    1. There is no file size limit on the images, videos, music or other files that Quickeo will allow you to share.

    2. There is no limit to the number of files you can include in a Quickeomail

    3. The interface of Quickeo is a simple email-like program - since most everyone is used to email, there is little learning curve.

    4. Since this is an email like program, you only share your media with those people that you want, your friends, your work colleagues, your family, a club you belong to, etc.. the number of uses for Quickeo is only limited by the imagination of the user.

    The current version 1.2, [Windows only for now], gives you 1 gig of free space.

    Try it out and see for yourself:


  2. Thanks for the info. Just wondering, does Quickeo allow hotlinking from blogs?