Sunday, July 08, 2007

Encrpt your data by Kruptos

As flash drives get more and more affordable, they have become the storage device of choice. A lot of people daily carry valuable data on their small thumb drives or flash drives with a lanyard around their neck.

Even if they have a back up of the information, some of the stuff could be highly confidential. Just imagine if they got lost.

if you are worried, just download Kruptos 2 , a powerful 128 bit file encryption utility that allows you to secure any file stored on your PC or portable storage device.

However, it does more than encrypt your data. You can powerful also remove files and all their traces from your drive using the 'shred' function and also generate self decrypting files.

Note: It has not been tested for Windows Vista so leave a comment if it does/ doesn't work on it.

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