Thursday, July 26, 2007

eLearning resources

Found a website with a number of resources related to eLearning solutions.

Resource Bridge specializes in customized CBT and web based training for different businesses. They present computer based and web based eLearning as a real effective alternative to learning in traditional classrooms. Their proprietary suite of eLearning products called ExceLearn LMS will provide employees with a flexibility to improve their skills wherever they are. So if you are looking to come up with your own customized training tools, they might have the solutions.

The eLearning articles and whitepapers that are provided free to their visitors are really interesting and educational. One of them mentions the 4C’s of eLearning Success, which are:
• A Culture of learning;
• Champions who will lead eLearning efforts;
• Communications that position eLearning’s value; and
• Attractive Compensation scheme for people to accept the eLearning culture
They are explained in more detail on the website.

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