Friday, July 27, 2007

Earn money by shopping

Loyalty programs are nothing new. A lot of companies will give you points for everything you buy from them which you can later redeem for certain gifts.

Cash back Online on the other hand rewards you with cash when you shop online on their site. It is one of the most established shopping sites in the UK since 2001. Customers can choose from more than 1000 shops, supermarkets and services. All you have to do is go through the links provided on their site and shop at your favourite sites as usual.

It's totally free and what happens is that you are paid a part of the commission that they get from the retailer for referring the sale. Every time you shop, you qualify for a cashback amount, which will be put into your account once the retailer pays them the commission.

Once you have more than £25 approved, they will send you the cashback either as a cheque or via PayPal. I just signed up and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have put in £5 into my account as a Free welcome bonus. I can also earn £5 for each friend I refer.

They have a freebies page too, where I can earn some cash and win prizes without spending any money at all.

I like the fact that the site does not take your credit card details or sell your personal details to anyone. Check out for more details.


  1. Sounds cool, does the site work for shoppers outside the UK? Found this site on Blogger's Choice Awards. You're nominated for Best Geek Blog. You shoudl totally add a brag badge so that it's eaiser fo ryour readers to vote for you. The code's at Good luck!

  2. Hi Dani. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think anyone can join in but most of the shops listed are in the UK and I am not sure whether they ship to other countries.

    I did have the badge but removed it after I noticed that I didn't have that many votes.

  3. Understandable... always worth a shot I guess. :) I guess I'll have to do the shopping while I'm still visitng my parents in London.