Monday, July 23, 2007

Creating colour schemes for your site

Do you have problem having a colour scheme for your site while designing your site? A It's not surprising if you do because it is really tough to choose a good combination of colors. Well, there are some great free tools on the net to help you with that.

1. Javascript Color Picker: You can see how different colour combinations look like for the background, text, links and visited links.

2. Color Blender:
Pick a color value format, input two valid CSS color values in the format you chose, and pick the number of midpoints you'd like to see. The palette will show the colors you input as well as the requested number of midpoint colors, and the values of those colors.

3. [ws] Color Scheme Generator 2: Using a colour wheel, this application generates different color schemes based on one (base) color. You then have the choice of choosing, default, Pastel, Dark pastel, Light pastel, Contrast and Pale versions.

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