Friday, July 20, 2007

Build your own gazebo online

If you have a big garden, one ideal way of making it more interesting would be to put up a gazebo. These garden structures are rapidly growing in popularity now. now has a unique feature which allows it's customers to design their own gazebo. After launching the Gazebo Wizard, we go through 4 steps, namely:
  1. Gazebo Selector Tool - Select Style and Materia. They offer a comprehensive range of gazebo designs.
  2. Choosing Roof type, For the Octagon Gazebos, there are only 2 options. Namely, octagon and octagon double roof,
  3. Size (I chose the smallest one available),
  4. Select Options & Start your Gallery,
  5. 5. Request code.

At the end you can still Continue to view same gazebo in different materials and instantly get the updated price. Finally, you can then request a shipping quote.

Here's the one I designed - 10' Treated Pine Octagon Double Roof Gazebo. It costs $4399. The standard one without any options goes for $2399.

I found the Gazebo Wizard to be very easy to use and I had no problem what so ever using it.

The site runs some special offers from time to time. When I last checked, they were offering a FREE electrical package worth $379 with the purchase of any gazebo.

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