Monday, July 16, 2007

As seen on tv but cheaper

We were recently watching the shopping channel (don't ask me why) when my wife suddenly found a few stuff she liked. She was about to call the number on the screen when I stopped her by telling her that we could get the stuff cheaper. She didn't believe me saying "how can it get cheaper than that?"

I told her about the TV Products 4 Less site where customers can popular 'As Seen on TV' Products at much lower prices (well most of the time anyway). There are loads of new stuff added regularly and one that really caught my fancy was the Clapper Plus device. This gadget allows you to turn up to two electrical devices on and off by just clapping your hands. They do have a remote control as well in case you are not so keen on clapping hands whenever you want to put on the lights (or off). The product is $2 cheaper than the 'As Seen on TV' price. Check out the other great stuff on the site.

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