Friday, June 22, 2007

Windows Movie Maker 2.1

A friend wanted to edit some movies and asked me whether I could recommend some software preferably free. She didn't know it but she already had a movie editor in her computer - Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for XP.

Though without many advanced features present in other movie editors, I recommend it because 1. It's Free and 2. it is an easy to use software.

You can create a movie using simple drag-and-drop. You can also do some minor editing and cut scenes you don't want. It also has the ability to add text with various effects. Great for credits.

If you already haven't, Movie Maker 2.1 is available for download with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). However, you need to turn on the Automatic Updates feature. Or you can download it from the site here.

1. It runs only on Windows XP
2. Does not recognise .mov movies.


  1. I can only endorse what you say, Adam. I tried a standalone movie editing package last year, and the learning curve was immense. The forgetting plummet was even steeper!

    Then, someone pointed me in the direction of Windows Movie Maker. I haven't yet edited any proper movies on it, but I have mugged up a short 'trailer' for my blog, mixing a Charlie Parker track with still images.

    It's a reasonably intuitive package, and in no time newbies like me can pick it up.

  2. That's true. Even though I had Avid Xpress Pro, I use Windows Movie Maker most of the time to edit my movies.