Tuesday, June 19, 2007

UK property market news

Did you know that London is the second most expensive city in the world? This was revealed in the latest Cost of Living Survey by Mercer. This swift rise from fifth place in the poll in 2006, is attributed to the continuing rise in property prices, together with high priced rates on public transport.

I got this news from the Home Move website. This site is an independent property portal and provides news and information about the UK property market. Even though the site focuses on the UK property market, there are loads of news and info about Overseas Properties too. There's even an article about property in Malaysia, Beautiful Borneo – an investment worth considering.

The overall design of the site is nothing to shout about but navigation is easy and as they say great content is everything. The site does have great content. I had wanted to know more about the company and the owners of the site but unfortunately the 'about us' link on the bottom leads back to the home page. I noticed that the most of the articles (at least the ones I went through ) were written by Kay Murchie and Brian Turner.

They have a number of live forums on everything related to property ranging from buying and selling property to home improvement, buying property abroad. great site if you are looking for information on buying or selling property or just interested in the UK property market.

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