Monday, June 04, 2007

Shower and party supplies online

If you are a busy lady and am preparing for a baby shower, wedding shower or bridal shower, go over to, an online retailer specializing in supplies for these events.

They have got some great packages and I am sure you will definitely find one to your liking. One of our friends in the states recently gave birth. They are going to have a baby shower party soon and I am sure they are looking for supplies for the party.

I suggested looking at some of the baby shower party supply pre-packaged Kits on the site. One that caught my eye was the 'Radio Flyer Red Wagon Baby Shower' kit. It has everything that one would need for a baby shower, right from the invitations to the tableware. Customers buying it as a kit save 10%. Take a look at the picture below. Doesn't it look fantastic. The kit for 8 costs only $69.99.

I also found that you can download free worksheets to help plan your party, on their website. This includes a Budget Worksheet, a Birthday Timeline and ShowerTimeline, all in the pdf format. Would definitely help you plan the party properly.

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