Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shopping online for unique plumbing products

My plumbing skills were dismal and on one memorable occasion, trying to fix a dripping faucets had turned to a disaster when it came off and there was a fountain spraying the kitchen. I didn't know how to turn it off and by the time I finally found something to plug the pipe, I was totally soaked and the kitchen was half flooded. With practice and experience, my plumbing skills have improved. However, when it comes to big jobs like fixing a bathtub or fixing a shower, I prefer to call the professionals.

Talking about plumbing, I was going through Zoe Industries website. This company has been supplying specialty plumbing supplies and bathroom accessory products since 1972.

I think they should redesign their website to fully show off their wide range of products. Their amazing range of products range from discounted kitchen faucets and and sinks to shower stalls and urinals. They even carry a range of dog showers.

Best of all, delivery using UPS within continental USA is completely free of charge.

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