Friday, June 22, 2007

Security cameras to protect your home

I was watching this clip on a video site, of a baby sitter abusing a baby. She was shaking the baby vigorously because it was crying. As a father of two kids myself, I could only imagine how the parents must have felt when they watched it. I think that this video evidence must have been enough to put that horrible girl behind bars.

Anyway, this is but one of the uses of putting up a Spy Camera in your house. There are a wide range of custom made hidden video cameras to choose from - that are built into everyday household items ranging from books and clocks to computer speakers and even plants. These hidden spy cameras could help you protect your family and property.

I can think of several uses of these cameras. For example, if you had your walls of your property or your car repeatedly vandalised, you can catch the vandals in the act by putting up an Outdoor Electrical Box Spy Camera.

Do you have a security camera and which brand do you use?

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