Friday, June 08, 2007

Playing with dolls online

This is something that should appeal to girls and maybe parents. My little daughter was definitely excited when I showed her some of the Coloring Pages on the Doll Palace website. This interactive page allows you to select any of the pictures from the categories on the left and start coloring it. You do this by first selecting the color from the palette and then clicking the area on the image which will be automatically filled with the colour. It's so simple, even my 3 year old daughter could do it (with a little help from me of course). You can then save the colored picture but in order to do that, you would need to register first.

You can even upload your own scanned pen-and-ink picture here. Just make sure that the outlines are closed or the color will fill all linked spaces. The Doll Palace will make the page interactive and will let you share it (the url) with your family and friends so they can do their own coloring. See the example below:

You have the option of choosing two different types of accounts with The Doll Palace: the Standard FREE account and paid Premium account. Registering with the site will allow access to the Forums and Guestbook. Every person who registers will also get a personal section: Friends, Diary and Cards. The Doll Palace free standard account allows you to participate in our "Gallery" contest, take our IQ Test and use Dollmail system to exchange messages with other DollPeople.

The Premium membership has several exciting features but you would have to fork out $2 a month via PayPal. The features includes access to the latest Doll Maker Dress Up games, unlimited Doll albums, DollPoint discounts, File Manager to store your images at The Doll Palace and much more. I am sure that this would appeal to your teenage daughters and maybe for ladies still young at heart.

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