Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Personalize your posts - add a signature

Have you ever wanted to personalize your blog posts with a signature? Now you can.

Go over to where you can easily create your own personal signature for FREE. Best of all you don't even have to register.

You can either use their signature creation wizard or upload a scanned image. I choose the first option. There are loads of fonts to choose from - 120 when I last checked. Just follow the steps and in the end you have your own signature. Download it to use anywhere as you please.

In case you are wondering, here's my signature:

However I noticed that the bottom seems have been cut off. This is how it was supposed to look like.

At first I wondered whether this was something to get us to register. However, it turned out OK when I used another font.

Got to know about this great website from Betshopboy. He has blogged about it in more detail.

Thanks for the info.


  1. That is a cool, something I can do in my graphics program, but this just makes it easier a few clicks and you're done.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. I added the code to Blogger template setting s and it automatically adds it to the bottom of each post for me. I just tack it on end of post.

    Looks cool.

  3. Just visited your sites. Looks great. Might add to mine too.