Friday, June 08, 2007

The perfect gift - fruit baskets

Now that Father's day is just round the corner (17th of this month, in case you forgot), I am guessing that a lot of you guys are cracking your head thinking of a suitable gift. I have one advice - please not another tie. Lot of my older colleagues complain that they are sick of receiving ties for almost every occasion.

Why not something different this year? Something traditional. The present I have in mind are Fruit Baskets. Now before you go "That's for girls!", read on.

The Fruit Company has a special basket just for your dad filled with everything he would love. It has garlic cheddar cheese, summer sausage, smoked salmon, mixed nuts, and a great selection of fruits including, French d'Anjou Pears, Fuji Apple, Navel Orange and Petite Fuji and Granny Smith Apples. All this for just $64.90. I would definitely love to receive a basket of those goodies.

The Fruit Company has tons of gift ideas including a variety of fruit baskets, fresh fruits, a fruit of the month club, gourmet chocolate, fruit cheesecakes, business gifts and more.

By the way, The Fruit Company started way back in 1942. Managed by Roy Webster and his son, Wayne Webster, the Webster orchards has grown from a single 20 acre farm to approximately 600 acres of orchard, and a packing facility. Their pears and apples are shipped throughout the US and internationally. The Fruit Company was launched Scott and Addison Webster, the grandsons of Roy Webster.

Their website has a 'Fruit Encyclopedia' providing interesting information on several varieties of pears, apples, oranges, cherries and other fruits. For example, I just got to know that the Royal Gala apples were first introduced to the market in 1965 in New Zealand and was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who said that it was her favourite apple.

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