Saturday, June 02, 2007

Page Rank and free backlinks

"Why are you so concerned with Google PageRank?", someone recently asked.

Even though he was a techie - he knew almost everything when it came to networks and servers but almost nothing when it came to web designing and web technology. I patiently explained that PageRank or PR refers to the relative importance of your site or blog on Google. For example, my blog only has PR 3 which means that it is less popular as compared to my ah ok lah blog, which has a PR 4.

Google analyzes "incoming links" (also known as backlinks) from other sites to determine where your site should reside in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The more popular your site of blog is, the higher it is on the SERPs and higher your PR.

In case you want to to see the PageRank of your blog or for that matter, any other site, just install Google's free toolbar (

If you are interested in increasing the PageRank and search rankings of your blog or site, just go over to and download two and a half hours of actual workshop sessions and commentary by James Martell for FREE! And of course, one of the strategies explained are ways to get free backlinks. Check it out.

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