Friday, June 08, 2007

Online retailer of low cost media products

While blogging, I noticed that I have a floppy disk drive on my old computer that I haven't used in a very very long time. Most of the time, I use the CD ReWritable drive. I guess it won't be long before it goes the way of the floppy disc drive as most new computers now come with a DVD ReWritable drive. Did you know that the typical DVD-R media has 4.7GB of disc capacity.

I am thinking of getting an external writer soon. Looking for information on the best drives available in the market, I came across this site which has the best bargains on DVD-R. The site,, also offers a fantastic selection of other media products including DVD duplicators, computer accessories, DVD cases, inkjet toner cartridges and toner. The store is able to offer such low prices due to the fact that they deal directly with manufacturers and work constantly to lower costs. In fact, they have the lowest possible prices on all blank CD DVD media, Flash Memory and other products. is part of the Linkyo Corp. and was established in 2002. It is a major reseller and wholesaler media products in Southern California. They guarantee that all products on the site are genuine and authentic.

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