Friday, June 29, 2007

Dreaming of a vacation

Here I am in front of the computer and reading about people going on vacation and I realized that it's been a while since we last went on one.

Right now all I can do is read about the places that we want to go to and dream. Fortunately the Internet has made these places really accessible and of course it would be foolish to go anywhere without at least doing some research on the net - list of attractions, entertainment and hotels among others.

Talking about hotels, has some great Hotel Deals in different cities in the US as well as several International destinations. So if you are looking for discounts on hotel and resorts, you might want to go through the various offers on the site. They also have reviews of some of the top tourist destinations in the World and was quite impressed. The reviews have a lot of relevant information for each city that I am sure you would find useful if you were to visit the city. We were planning to go to Paris and now I have a very good idea of where we are going to stay and the places we are going to visit.

FYI, the company searches more than 200 sites to find the Web's best travel bargains. According to the site, they have more than 6 million consumers every month searchign for travel savings.

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