Thursday, June 14, 2007

Create coded messages

Creating coded messages is really easy with the Autokey cipher. To encript a message, all you have to do is write your message in the space provided. Enter a Key letter and press the Encipher button. The secret message will appear in the bottom box.

To Decipher the message, paste the secret message in the space, enter the Key letter and then press the Decipher key.

This is a JavaScript program that was written by Jim Hannon for the Secret Code Breaker site. Have fun.


  1. We will be meeting at Lenny's Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida on Saturday March 31st at noon. See you then.

  2. who did the japanese attack at pearl harbor

  3. Age thirty five
    one hundred and twenty centre meters tall
    pale skin and green eyes

  4. theres a chance my dad is gunna be sick forever