Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blinds because I want to be different

Looking out of our bedroom window, I just realized something similar about our neighbors and our own house, all have white lace curtains on their windows. Maybe it's a British thing but I would love to be different. I would prefer to have blinds on our windows.

I was admiring the custom wood blinds on Justblinds.com. The company is one of the largest independent window covering retailers in the US. It started out as a small home-based business in 1999 and has now over 200,000 satisfied customers all across the US

They have almost every type of window covering that you can think of - premium hardwood shutters, plantation shutters, shades, faux wood, mini, vertical and wooden blinds and so on.more. They also have a collection of discount window coverings.

This month they are offering the popular top-down/bottom-up upgrade of Cellular Shades for FREE and 20% off on a number of Woven Wood Shades. They even have videos and instructions for installing the blinds on their site.

So, if you are look for a window covering - any type, I am sure you can find it there.

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