Thursday, June 07, 2007

Affordable HDMI switch and cables

If you are among those guys who won't stand for anything but the best in audio and video equipment, I am sure you know what HDMI stands for. However, for the benefit of others, I better explain further. HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface refers to all-digital audio/video interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. This interface allows for the digital transmission of video and audio signals with virtually no degradation or noise. It replaces older analog standards such as RF - coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, and SCART among others.

The only drawback is that buying the HDMI switches and cables will normally set you back by a few hundred dollars.

I was really happy to discover TCA Inc, an online retailer. They have amazing price offers on HDMI cables and switches. Compare their HDMI Switch offerings with other brands in the market and you will see what I mean.

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