Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Affordable car accessories site

I have a lot of friend who are really into modifying their cars. One of them drove away from the dealer with his brand new car and took it straight away to the workshop - changing and modifying a lot of stuff. When it was completed a week and few thousand dollars later, he had a fully personalised car. A few years later, I met him again and asked him about his car. "Oh! I sold it", he said. Now I have a new car. Noticed that the news car was also heavily customized.

My friend told me that it was an addiction - once you started modifying and customizing your car, it never ends. It's an on going project and it continues until you get tired of it or meet an accident, he joked. Then you start on the new one.

Anyway if you are like my friend, you might want to visit, which sells high quality parts and accessories at amazingly low prices. For example, wood grain steering wheels or carbon fiber steering wheel need not cost you a fortune.

I can see that the site is still work in progress and am looking forward to more features including the detailed installation instructions and videos which they plan to have up soon.

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