Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Visiting the Red Sea on a tight budget

I have always wanted to visit the Red Sea off Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, ever since our friend Ita told us how much fun she had during her holidays there. As my close friend know, my favourite holiday destination would have to be always somewhere on an island or near the sea.

There is more to Egypt than the pyramids and this place has some of the most amazing exotic marine life of the Red Sea. If you love diving you might be interested to learn that a number of wrecked ships lie at the bottom. If you are not into diving, just get a tan on the beach.

Anyway, there are several bargain Red Sea holidays to be had for UK residents. When I last checked, the cheapest was £99 for a bed and breakfast.

I found this on one of the UK's leading online travel agencies. They had loads and loads of package holiday bargains, last minute deals, cheap flights - all available online. So if you are looking for good-value package holidays, check the web for bargains.

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