Friday, May 25, 2007

Spanking new ICQ

When I was younger, much younger than today, (Hey that sounds like the lyrics of a Beatles song but not sure which) I used to spend hours on ICQ chatting with people I never met from all over the World. At that time it was THE instant messaging service.

Anyway, I was going through - my favourite download site and noticed that ICQ is the 3rd most popular software downloaded on the site. the latest version ICQ 6

The new ICQ 6 has a totally new look and loads of features. It has an extra-quick IM - you can send messages to contacts without even opening a message window. It also allows easy access to unread messages by using a simple navigation systembetween incoming messages. The history miner allows you to easily search old messages, files and calls. ICQ also makes it quicker and easier to send files. And it looks like they are already have plans to bring in more features including games and video hosting.

The question is whether they can ever take on Skype.

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