Friday, May 04, 2007

PR 3 in 4 months

I have had this blog for quite sometime but the Freebies blog only came into being in January this year. Before that, all I had was one single post that I updated regularly.

Was really happy last week when I found out that my blog's Google Page Rank has moved up to 3 from 0. Exchanging links with other blogs definitely helped.

Thanks to all my visitors, especially those who linked back to my blog. Check back regularly to read about more great freebies and bargains.

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  1. Congratulations Adam! I was happy to finally get a PR on my blog too after having a big fat zero for so long as well. I finally have a number now! It's just a PR2 for now, but I'm hoping to up that to at least a 4. Big dreams and aspirations! I did do a post for your Freebie site back in March when I first came upon your blog. I titled it Free for all! I hope played a part in helping to up your PR. :-)

  2. Hi Olivia. Everyone that linked to this blog helped. My next objective is to push the PR further up to 5.