Thursday, May 24, 2007

PayPerPost launches PPP Direct

It's no secret that I make a bit of money from my blogs. Marketing through blogs is still new but is slowly gaining acceptance. After all, it is a form of word of mouth marketing, which we all know is extremely powerful.

I am a member of PayPerPost, one of the leaders in this new advertising revolution and yesterday there was a huge development - they call it "a monster update to the site" at 21:00 US EDT. They released a new version of known as the 'Birdo Release'. One of the biggest feature in this release is PayPerPost Direct.

So what is it all about?

Well, I learnt that this feature would allow advertisers to directly approach Posties (members of PPP) to get them to write special blog posts. This means that PPP is now a direct competitor to companies like ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews. However, unlike these companies, which charges a massive cut of the total charges, PPPDirect only charges a 10% fee, out of which 5% goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. UPDATE: The 10% charge is commission on top of the post. For example, I charge $20 for a post on this blog means that I will get the $20. So the total charge would be $22/ for a review.

This is great news for me as it would mean more income for the same work. For example, I used to get only $20 out of the $40 charged for a review on my Auto blog ( through ReviewMe. That's a massive 50% markup.

I also appreciate the fact that online safety and security is assured through their escrow-like service. Click here to watch an overview of the service.

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