Friday, May 04, 2007

Cell Phone Manager

I have loads of pictures in my mobile phone. It's a Motorola L6. When I bought the phone, the shop gave me a free data cable to connect to the PC but not a cell phone manager. Found out that unlike Nokia and other phone companies which bundle the software FOC, customers who buy Motorola phones have to fork out a little bit more to buy the software.

Anyway, after searching around, I finally found a great shareware called Mob Time Cell Phone Manager V6.2.1

The trial version is totally free and the great part is that there is no time limitation. As I only wanted to download the images and movies stored in my phone, I was not concerned with the features that were missing from the trial version. FYI, the trial version doesn't allow files to be uploaded to the phone from the pc.

The full registered version costs $19.95.

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