Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mindmapping software

In my last job, I had to carry out a number of projects, individually as well as part of a team, as part of my work duties. In the past I have used a number of project management and mindmapping tools. However, the 3D Topicscape Project Management mindmapping Software solution is pretty amazing. Whereas the tools I have previously used in the past were 2 dimensional, 3D Topicscape helps with concept mapping and mindmapping in 3D on your computer.

Really wish I had come across this software earlier, it would have greatly helped with my project management review work. It would have undoubtedly have resulted in more impressive presentations as compared to the flat 2D graph that I usually use.

Right now my wife is working on her research which will ultimately lead to a PhD and she was quite impressed by the software. She is looking at e-commerce and service quality and this software might definitely help her with the various web research topics.

There are two versions of 3D Topicscape, namely PE Pro and PE Lite. Naturally, the Pro version has few more advanced features.

You can download and try it out for FREE (valid for 30 days).


  1. I think it doesn't mater 2D mind mapping software of 3D...The most important is usability, possibility to use a lot of symbols and brainstorming. I use ConceptDraw MINDMAP http://conceptdraw.com/en/products/mindmap/main.php and I am eager to try their new version with new interface.

  2. Thanks for this interesting article on mindmapping. I've never heard about 3D mindmapping.

    I was using Conceptdraw software as well, since they released collaboration with MS Word and Evernote which I use hardly.
    I'm now on my phd and these programs help me to keep structured all the information i should collect for my research.